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Frédéric Chateau is an author, composer and musical producer.

Multi-instrumentalist, after having made an artistic career interpreter in the early 1990s, with titles such as "Stop lucie", "Le malheur des uns et le bonheur des autres", he composes credits for television such as "Stars 90", "Vivement Dimanche ", made dozens of stage music for the theater (Ladies night -  Molière 2002) and some film music. 

 On his return from London in 2002, he produced the electro band Mademoiselle and co-wrote their  song "Do you love me?Europe.

 He began to write, often under the pen name "Asdorve", for French artists since 2003, for Patricia Kaas, Florent Pagny, the following year, plays on stage as a guitarist with Pascal Obispo on the tour Fan in tribute to Michel Polnareff (80 concerts including 1 Bercy), composed the hit ° 1 « Mourir demain » for Obispo - Natasha St Pier, composes and produces the album N ° 1 "Longueur d'ondes" by Natasha St Pier and wrote and wrote the hit N ° 1 « Un ange frappe à ma porte ».

 In 2005, he meets Faudel and composes the song "Mon pays«  N ° 1 in France and produces his album "Mundial corrida" as well as the tour that follows. Frédéric, continues his collaboration with Obispo, producing his album: "Les fleurs du bien" and composes several songs like "Le chanteur idéal"

and conducts his 2006 tour throughout France.

Works abroad with Gary Go, Robert Francis or The score in as a musical director, then in France in  2007 with Lorie for "Je vais vite" He writes for Priscilla in the « Chante » Series on France 2. Compose « Plus de Divas" for Julie Zenatti in 2009, and the album « Parmi la foule "for Helene Segara in 2010.The collective PARIS AFRIKA, 60 artists, interprets the song "Des ricochets" which Frederic produced and composed in 2011, and which will be a huge success for UNICEF.

Then, he will participate in the production of the tribute album to Dalida in 2012, with among others, Amel Bent and Max Guazzini.

2012, he meets again the success on the album triple platinum « À la poursuite du bonheur  » of M.Pokora and composes and produces there two singles « On est là »  and « Merci d’être ».

2013 - 2014, he produces the double album triple platinum for the musical show « ROBIN DES BOIS » with M POKORA and composes 8 songs of which the single « Le jour qui se rêve » sung by M POKORA.

He signs the musical direction, arrangements and composes all the live music for the musical "ROBIN DES BOIS" at the Palais des congrès and throughout France (more than 850,000 spectators)

In 2013, he composed and directed the song "La chanson des bénévoles" for LES ENFOIRÉS with Jean Jacques Goldman (text)

In 2014, directed, written and composed for the young artist Barbara Opsomer at Warner, and,

composed for the Theater de la Porte St Martin the music of the play "Nelson" with Chantal Ladesou

In 2015, composes and creates for TF1 the album "Toujours un ailleurs" by ANGGUN whose single "Nos vies parallèles" in duet with FLORENT PAGNY

In 2017, the KIDS UNITED pick up on disc and tour all over France the title "Des ricochets" that Frédéric composed.

He signed and directed the next Galey album, the finalist of « the Voice season 5 »

In 2019, he will sign the single "Peau lisse man" for Yannick NOAH which will also be perform in the finals of his concerts.

​A lot of music for the theater will be produced between 2018 and 2020 with the direction of Olivier Mace. With the plays: "Père et manque" by Pascale Lécosse with Véronique Jannot / "Ca reste entre nous" by Brigitte Massiot / "C'est pas ce que tu crois" by E Wallace and M Rui Silva with Norbert Tarayre / ' Coup de griffe" by and with Noelle PERNA / "Gina et cleopatre" with Veronique Genest / "Louis" by and with Patrick Sébastien directed by O Lejeune. / "Double jeu" by B. Massiot

​Frédéric Chateau will return in 2020 to a more personal work by realizing after more than twenty years an unreleased album of 16 titles where he will play all the instruments: "Inspiré de fées réelles" Mixed by FC. With the participation of authors like Thierry Surgeon, Pierre-Yves Lebert and Xavier Requena.

In 2021, he will return to the theater by composing the music for the plays "Adieu je reste" by and with Isabelle Mergault and "Les tontons farceurs" by B. Druart and P. Antonin with Nathalie Marquay-Pernault and Philippe Chevallier

​2022 will be the year of a new album for FC. 12 new tracks composed by Frederic chateau and written by Chateau-Lebert - Surgeon - Requena. "Toute ressemblance avec des personnes existantes ne serait qu'un pure coincidence"

Then, he will sign the return in the radios and the media of YANNICK NOAH with the composition of the single "back to Africa" ​​at Play TWO with a text by Robert Goldman and Laure Ison

​In the same year, he co-wrote and composed the single "Oh Maman!" for the young artist Lissandro, who will represent France at the Eurovision Junior 2022 contest in Armenia on December 11 2022

2022 Then he will compose the music for the play by Druart - Antonin "Bas les Masques" with Patrice Laffont, directed by O.MACE

In March 2023, he published his first novel "Kyoto mon amour" with Le sémaphore publisher .


​Also in March, for Louis Bertignac (TELEPHONE) he composed the single "Le film de ma vie" co-wrote the text with Thierry Surgeon, co-produced the record with Jérôme Favier. The title is released by Barclay before the album scheduled for June (there will be another FC title) Fred plays all the instruments on the title, except the drums which are made by RINGO STAR's son, Zak STARKEY.

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